November 23, 2013

Top 10 blog ideas that make money on the internet

Many people are enter the to the blogging with main a goal of make money on the internet. Some are confused to select suitable and  profitable blog topic. However, main things to success in blogging are selecting low competition, high traffic and topic in which you interested. Learn more how to make money with blogging,
In this post we are discuss about top blog ides to make money online.

Blog ideas to make money online, top blog ideas

Entertainment blogs: 

The blogs with movie downloads, reviews, music, and gossips etc. These blogs are highly attracts visitors from social networks and organic traffic from search engines also. However entertainment blogs are the great multiple income sources. You can make money from advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored downloads.

Fitness blogs:

 Best low competition and high traffic niche in the internet in which you can make money by promoting affiliate products and also from advertising networks. The only thing you have to do is giving quality information and fitness tips to your blog audience.

News blogs: 

News blogs are leading sites which attracts high organic visitors from search engine because of daily updated content. These blogs are earn money from the direct advertisements from sponsors, ad networks and affiliate networks.However news blogs needs consistency in order to success.

Tech blogs: 

Tech blogs are mainly about updates in latest innovations, gadgets, internet and software. These types blogs have high targeted visitors from search engines as well as social networks. And also great blogs are great income streams which are make money from services, reviews, advertising and affiliate networks.

Marketing blogs:

 These blogs involved the business promotion and internet marketing strategies. The main income for marketing blogs are marketing services and direct advertisements.

Coupon blogs: 

Great affiliate marketing blogs which are make good money from affiliate networks. The technique coupon blogs is posting product deals and discounts from affiliate sites like amazon, eBay and others.  For example sells 9$/domain but some deals blogs promote and advertise 5$/domain at go-daddy. That means the blog owner get commission from go-daddy, at the same time buyer get discount. Coupon blogs are become famous in these days which have double benefits from affiliate networks and audience as well.

Educational blogs: 

These blogs are posts information about study materials, exams, schedules and job notifications. Educational blogs are collect huge organic visitors from searches and those are ability to come back.
Educational blogs are generates income from direct advertisement from companies, institutions. And also make money from the affiliate products like eBooks and study materials.

Photography blogs: 

If you are a creative photographer then it is good idea to make blog with you photos and images. Photography blogs able to earn money by selling your photos, advertising and also you can make money by promoting products like cameras and other parts from affiliate networks.

Health and Recipe blogs: 

These blogs are have high demand in the internet. Because internet is all in one source for millions of people. The matter about health is needed in the internet. However heath and recipe blogs good chances to make money on the internet by promoting products and selling ad spaces..

Funny blogs:

 Another blog about entertainment which has get high traffic from social networks. games, jokes and funny image posts are come under this blog. Getting good number visitors is key make money with these blogs.


Money money with blog is mainly depends on traffic which possible by consistency posting and selecting low completion and high traffic topics.
Above are the top blog idea which are popular and lesser competition. Hope this post is helpful to you.
please feel free to ask and comment below on this topic.


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