Top 10 website ideas to make money online

By | October 22, 2013

Website is a great idea in the internet for all professions and businesses with less effort. However! A website itself also can make money and build a small business with low investment. And get their business to good status.

After a long term research on websites and it’s making money ways. In this post I am going to discuss about top website ideas and how they are make money for you.

Here in below there are top 10 website ideas to make money online. The few things common for every website are Domain (web address), web hosting and software or scripts which are cost you a little investment.

1. Niche website or blog:

In this world the major source of information is the internet, lot of people hunting in internet every second for it. That information is published by Niche websites or blogs in the form of articles, images and videos.
This way is also termed as niche blogging Which is leading passive income stream in online.
If you want to get success on niche websites you have to update your website or blog frequently with fresh and quality content. Top 25 Niche Ideas To Start A New Blog

How to make money from niche website: 

  • Make money through pay per click advertising and Google adsense Learn more how to make money with Google adsense.
  • Selling advertisement spaces on your website.
  • Promoting affiliate products on your website.
  • Get paid to review products and business reviews


2. Business directory:

Business directories are the websites in which business owners can submit their contact and business information to grow their business. 

Each business listing submitted on your website can get monthly commissions for you. And you can also make money through business reviews and direct advertising on your site. 


3. Your own web store:

Are you skilled in product creation like arts, crafts and e-books? Web store is a best idea to sell your products make money online. And you can also get commissions for selling other peoples products.

Click here to view example web stores

4. Classifieds website:

Classified websites are allowed users to post free ads. These ad listings are divided into free, premium and featured listings. Website owners are get paid particular ad listing submitted on the website.
There are multiple streams of income generated with classified websites by ad listings, direct advertisements and affiliate marketing etc.
Examples: quikr, olx are great examples of classified websites

5. Affiliate Store:

Affiliate store is great way to make money through affiliate marketing. In this website affiliate products are automatically displayed. And when any person buy a product on the store you can get commissions that sale by affiliate networks.
Amazon, eBay affiliate networks provides stores for their products learn more how to Open an Amazon Affiliate Store

6. Services and consultancy website:

Are you having any skill or knowledge on particular work? You can provide services and freelance your skills in your own services website for some money. seo consult, web design services are good examples of services websites.
Here the 16 Examples of Beautiful Services and Apps Websites

7. Question and Answers (Q&A) website:

People are searching internet every time when they have any questions and doubts on any thing. Lot of website are created only answer these questions.
Q&A websites are great membership site which generate information automatically bymembers and good traffic through search engines also.
These websites are generating much money through pay per click advertising and direct selling advertisement spaces.
Best Question and answer websites

8. Forums website:

 Forums are great community websites in which people discuss and help each other. And forum owner are make money through member subscriptions, ppc advertising and selling ad spaces etc..
Top forums in the internet

9. Stock photography website:

Are you have creative skills like digital photography and graphic designs? then Stock photography website is great option to sell your photos. You can also get commissions by selling others photos in your website. is a example of stock photography website

10. Tutorials website:

If you are a professional in any subject or work then make a website targeted to tutorials on your subject. And make money through multiple streams like pay per click advertising, direct advertisements and also through affiliate marketing.
15 Awesome Tutorial Websites You Probably Don’t Know About 
Finally! Are you wanted to make money with a website? You need to do some research on your particular topic of website.


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  1. sakthi priya

    Nice information. I have read those information which you mentioned here. It's very useful for those who are looking for ways to earn money online.I earn money online by doing reselling business to earn money .Reseller is nothing but getting product from someone fixing high rate for those products and then earning money by getting commission from them. To do this we must have a reseller

  2. Surender

    Thanks for providing good information.<br />I want to open a website please suggest me in which idea i work.<br />

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  4. Mi Muba

    Awesome list man. So we can’t say it is not so easy to earn money online. Just ideas and will is required to make bucks online. If someone really wants to make money online he needs to just pick the one idea from above ten and start getting regular stream of income after a little hard work with proper strategy to hit the right niche market.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful info.

    1. p v hanumanthu Post author

      Thanks for reading and for your valuable comment

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