January 7, 2014

easiest ways to make money online with clixsense

Clixsense is an old and trusted GPT (Get Paid to) site since 2007. Clixsense provides multiple oppertunities to make money like Viewing ads, Tasks, paid offers, bonuses and commissions from referrals.

money earned from clixsense.com,

Steps to make money from clixsense now:

1.  Click here to join clixsense for free   

It's free to signup with clixsense. You will get a standard membership and also you can purchase a premium membership (optional) 

2. Visit ads or advertiser websites on View ads tab

View all available ads and view ads tab in which you can earn up to $0.02 per ad takes 30seconds.

earn money by viewing ads

3. Complete tasks and offers:

 Tasks and offers are main opportunities in clixsense to earn good income. In my experience i am earning $3/day on average
Just follow simple instructions to complete tasks and increase your accuracy to boost your earnings.

available tasks at clixsense

Referral Commissions:

Another great way to make money with clixsensse is affiliate program. I am already earned $60 as commissions. And on average i earn $1/day as commissions without doing any thing.

My affiliate details

Payment proofs:

In clixsense you can get payments from paypal or checks

You can see My payment proofs below:

all payments received from clixsense at paypal
$19.85 received from clixsense through paypal

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November 26, 2013

Best affiliate marketing programs and tips for beginners

Affiliate networks are the leading income opportunities in the internet which pay commission for simply promoting their products.  However, Affiliate networks or programs need good number of visitors from your blog or website to make good money from them.

If you are the beginner in affiliate marketing then it is hard get leads and sales from your low traffic. Here in below some steps to increase your traffic and product sales.  The steps are time taken but these are surly get great results and money.
Affiliate marketing and networks, affiliate logos

  • Select relevant products to promote on your blog.
  • Write call to action articles with your own words.
  • Create different types of contents like slides, videos and eBooks to promote your products.
  • Add relevant affiliate banners to your blog or website.
  • Send email notifications to your blog subscribers with your affiliate post and links.
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate post from social networks by sharing.
  • Submit your affiliate post to search engine singly by fetch as Google and bingbot at webmaster tools for fast indexing.
Some Trusted affiliate networks in the internet for beginners.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Amazon is the online market place for millions prodects like ebooks, dvds and electronics etc. Amazon Affiliate program is provided by amazon to promote their products for good commissions.

Commission Junction (CJ): CJ is an online affiliate marketing company which deals affiliates and merchants in through affiliate programs. Commission junctions share their revenue to affiliates which comes from merchants and by selling their affiliate products.

: ShareASale is similar to commission junction which provides market place to merchants and affiliate marketers. Only specialty in ShareAsale is providing some affiliate tools to their publishers and affiliate marketer.

: ClickBank is a largest affiliate network for digital products like eBooks and software.

eBay Partner Network:
Affiliate network provided by ebay to promote products for commissions.

The success of affiliate marketing is depends on the types of ways you selected for promoting products.

If you found this post is helpful, please share and comment.
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November 25, 2013

How to make money on youtube

Nowadays YouTube is becoming a wonderful way to make money on the internet. It converts your recording hobbies and creativity to make good passive income. However, you need some good number of subscribers and views to make it possible. This post is showing you about how you can earn money with YouTube.

YouTube to earn money online

How can you make money on YouTube?

Here in below simple 3 steps to make money with your videos on YouTube. 

Step 1: Upload your videos to YouTube.
Create a video channel using your Gmail account. Upload your videos with relevant titles, description and tags.  Successful videos tips
  • Upload high quality videos proper editing.
  • Small and concise videos get more views than lengthy boring videos.
  • Write titles and descriptions for all video to get search engines traffic.

Step 2: Monetize your videos.
The ways to make money with YouTube are listed below:
  • Monetize your videos with your adsense account.
  • Join YouTube partnership program
  • Sell links in your video description.  
  • Promote relevant affiliate products to get commissions.

Step 3: Promote your video to increase your page-views. 
The earnings are mainly depends on number of views of a video. Below are some tips to improve your views.
  • Promote your video in social networks.
  • Create video blog to get more search engine traffic.
  • Increase your subscriptions to get more views.

What are the best videos to make money?

Funny and entertaining videos: The biggest entertainment network in the internet is youtube. millions of people are search for fun every day. Creating unique and funny video get high traffic from social networks and increase subscriptions.Comedy, drama, music and funny animal video are come under this category.

Tutorials and Teaching videos: In these days learning is more simplest in internet is because you-tube. Software tutorials, and digital teaching video are best examples for video tutorials. Demand for tutorials is increasing day by day. 

Consumer reviews and and reviewing affiliate products: Another best videos which make good money are creating review videos for affiliate products and promoting your referral links through them. Lot companies are paying creating reviews on their products.

Best guides to learn more about make money with YouTube:

The Facts and Figures on YouTube in 2013 - Info-graphic: an info graphic explains about how success in YouTube and its facts.
Top 10 YouTube Success Stories: list out 10 YouTube stars who are get success.
101 Ways To Make Money with YouTube & Web Videos

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November 23, 2013

Top 10 blog ideas that make money on the internet

Many people are enter the to the blogging with main a goal of make money on the internet. Some are confused to select suitable and  profitable blog topic. However, main things to success in blogging are selecting low competition, high traffic and topic in which you interested. Learn more how to make money with blogging,
In this post we are discuss about top blog ides to make money online.

Blog ideas to make money online, top blog ideas

Entertainment blogs: 

The blogs with movie downloads, reviews, music, and gossips etc. These blogs are highly attracts visitors from social networks and organic traffic from search engines also. However entertainment blogs are the great multiple income sources. You can make money from advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored downloads.

Fitness blogs:

 Best low competition and high traffic niche in the internet in which you can make money by promoting affiliate products and also from advertising networks. The only thing you have to do is giving quality information and fitness tips to your blog audience.

News blogs: 

News blogs are leading sites which attracts high organic visitors from search engine because of daily updated content. These blogs are earn money from the direct advertisements from sponsors, ad networks and affiliate networks.However news blogs needs consistency in order to success.

Tech blogs: 

Tech blogs are mainly about updates in latest innovations, gadgets, internet and software. These types blogs have high targeted visitors from search engines as well as social networks. And also great blogs are great income streams which are make money from services, reviews, advertising and affiliate networks.

Marketing blogs:

 These blogs involved the business promotion and internet marketing strategies. The main income for marketing blogs are marketing services and direct advertisements.

Coupon blogs: 

Great affiliate marketing blogs which are make good money from affiliate networks. The technique coupon blogs is posting product deals and discounts from affiliate sites like amazon, eBay and others.  For example godaddy.com sells 9$/domain but some deals blogs promote and advertise 5$/domain at go-daddy. That means the blog owner get commission from go-daddy, at the same time buyer get discount. Coupon blogs are become famous in these days which have double benefits from affiliate networks and audience as well.

Educational blogs: 

These blogs are posts information about study materials, exams, schedules and job notifications. Educational blogs are collect huge organic visitors from searches and those are ability to come back.
Educational blogs are generates income from direct advertisement from companies, institutions. And also make money from the affiliate products like eBooks and study materials.

Photography blogs: 

If you are a creative photographer then it is good idea to make blog with you photos and images. Photography blogs able to earn money by selling your photos, advertising and also you can make money by promoting products like cameras and other parts from affiliate networks.

Health and Recipe blogs: 

These blogs are have high demand in the internet. Because internet is all in one source for millions of people. The matter about health is needed in the internet. However heath and recipe blogs good chances to make money on the internet by promoting products and selling ad spaces..

Funny blogs:

 Another blog about entertainment which has get high traffic from social networks. games, jokes and funny image posts are come under this blog. Getting good number visitors is key make money with these blogs.


Money money with blog is mainly depends on traffic which possible by consistency posting and selecting low completion and high traffic topics.
Above are the top blog idea which are popular and lesser competition. Hope this post is helpful to you.
please feel free to ask and comment below on this topic.
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Top 100 ways to make money online

Nowadays Internet is a common tool to make money for all groups of people. Because earning money online is simple and it has a freedom to work from home. However finding suitable ways to make money online is the important step to success in long run.  

In this article you can find a long list of Top 100 ways to make money online. Which are covered almost all types of works in the internet and suitable to all groups of people.

Note: The order of the list is taken according to the category and way of money making. And this list may be too long, please save or bookmark this page to read in future.
100 online money making ways


Blogging is the one of the highly recommended platform to make money. Because through blogging you can earn money from multiple ways stated below.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing:

1.    Google Adsense: Adsense is a leading advertising network in the internet to make money. Google pay highest rates to their publishers through PPC (pay per click), CPM (cost per impression). A blog with good number of visitors/day is make simple money from adsense. payment is done by check minimum payout 100$

2.    Infolinks Infolinks is another great income stream after adsense. and it also a good alternative to make money through your blog.  payment method paypal, pay check, minimum payouts are 50$

3.    Clicksor Clicksor is a contextual advertising network has many varieties of  ads and banners to publish your blog. Payouts are made by paypal and minimum payout 20$

4.    Media.net Make money through media.net is simple and faster than above three. But approval needs higher blog traffic.

5.    Chitika Chitika is a simple advertising network similar to adsense

6.    Yahoo Publisher Network An advertising network provided by the yahoo and bing. A high traffic blog can easily make good income through this ad network.

Selling Ad spaces:

7.    BuySellAds  is an online advertising network in which you can earn money by selling your ad space with your own rates.

8.    LinkWorth is pays for publishing text link ads, in-page links, ppc ads and You can also earn through submitting articles and reviews

9.    Text Link Ads You can earn money by selling simple text-link-ads with your own rates. You can also have authority to approve ads on your website.

10.    Advertise space  is the simple marketplace to sell ad spaces.

11.    Adsella  is similar site as buysellads. You can list your available adspace to sell and earn money

Other advertising networks

12.    DoubleClick  DoubleClick offers publishers a complete ad revenue engine, helping publishers streamline operations

13.    Tribal Fusion Getting approval tribal fusion is difficult and minimum 2000 unique visitors/day and targeted design are needed to qualify.   

14.    Feedburner  You can implement adsense earnings to your feeds also through Feedburner/Google

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is popular and easiest way to make money online. In which you can get commissions by promoting other peoples products. Below list is the popular affiliate networks online.

15.    Amazon Affiliate Program is also provides simple affiliate stores and carts to promote products. You can get commission on every sale made your referral link.

16.    Commission Junction By commission junction you can choose your merchant companies and products to promote. there more than 1000 companies are available to choose
17.    Clickbank is a ultimate digital product affiliate market you can also earn greater percentage of commissions than other programs.  

18.    ShareASale: a similar site as commission junction in which you can choose you products. Some tools like banners, videos and links are provided promote their products.

19.    Amazon Associates You can earn 10% commissions on every purchase from you referral link. And also able make money with advertising products. 

20.    LinkShare is the marketplace of the e-commerce sales, linkshare and merchants pay commissions for every product you lead and promote. 

21.    eBay Partner Network Get paid to drive traffic to the sponsored products.Simple advertising with ebay earn money for you.

22.    Neverblue.com a lead generation and affiliate network which provided tools like banner rotators and api to promote products

23.    MaxBounty is a multiple earning resource in which you can make money from CPA, PPC and affiliate marketing. 

24.    ClixGalore is a simple affiliate network pay per lead, pay per sale and pay per promote.

Make money as Freelancer:

Are you having skills like writing, designing, programming and marketing etc? Then you can make money by becoming a freelancer and get paid for your services. The best list of freelancer sites is below.

25.    Odesk is a oldest freelance site since 2004. You can easily approach thousands employs to use your skills to earn. Average job pays 5 dollars.

26.    Freelanceswitch Jobs is seeking freelance professionals to provide high quality services.

27.    Elance  is a famous freelance portal to earn from your marketing and technical skills.

28.    Fiverr is one of the largest freelancer site you can make good money by providing any type of skill for your own rates.

29.    Freelancer has much options to make money from jobs, affiliate and referral programs . And free to join

30.    99designs is a great freelance site to designer and artists. Logo, banner, web designing popular works to make money in 99designs.

31.    Problogger Jobs Great opportunity to earn from your blogging skills like writing and designing.

32.    People Per Hour is based on bidding system, hire freelancers to work for Marketing, legal, accounting, writing, programming.

33.    Crowd Spring an opportunity to prove and earn from your creative.

34.    Guru a freelance site deals with business, marketing, technology and creativity.

35.    GoFreelance an easy marketplace freelance your technical skills.

Earn money through social networks:

You can also make money through your social networks by joining below programs.

36.    Sponsored Tweets a market place to advertise in twitter. You can earn money to tweet for your sponsor.

37.    My Likes is a social media  advertising network in which you can get paid to share, like sponsored content.

38.    MetaCafe is a largest video network in which you can upload and earn per views.

39.    Budiz involves in social network advertising which pay publisher to share, promote their sponsors.

40.    AssociatedContent  a contributor network pays for unique and fresh content and opinions.

41.    Flixya is a  social network has tools like blogs, video hosting and share revenue to publish.

42.    myLot a community is pays for commenting, posting and sharing your information.

43.    Jyve is an online knowledge exchange It pays you for answers, advice


Do you have good writing skills? Then you have great chances to make money online. The list in below is much helpful to earn as writer.

Get paid to writing:

44.    Smorty pays to write your opinions on sponsored products and programs. Attracting writing skills are enough to make good money with smorty.

45.    PayPerPost is paid you to post your opinions and ideas as blogposts. Approval of your blog post is needed to get paid. 

46.    Digital Journal is popular news website in online. you can make money through voting, polls, sharing news worthy articles etc.

47.    DayTipper is great site to share you helpful tips, info and original content. Day tipper pays you up to 3$ per post.

Get paid to writing Reviews:

48.    Review Stream is a consumer review and opinion site pay for posting reviews and experience.

49.    Review Me make money for reviewing products and sponsored services.

50.    Shared Reviews is a publishing platform for bloggers and writers to their opinions and review products to earn.  

51.    Opinion Outpost a survey and review site for consumer products and provide opportunity to earn for post their opinions.

52.    Sponsored Reviews a great site for writers to get paid for their post on services and products.

53.    Buy Blog Reviews Get paid to writing on your favorite subject

Selling your Products

54.    Craigslist Craigslist is a classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale.
55.    Amazon
56.     eBay
57.     Sell
58.     CafĂ© press
59.     StopIt
60.     Gazelle
61.     Oodle
62.     Zazzle
63.     Etsy

Micro job sites:

Micro job sites provides you simple online works like signups, data entry and survey etc to make money online. below three sites are the nice example to micro job sites.
64.    Micro workers is a online micro job site paid for doing simple tasks and offers like signups and ad posting. minimum payout is 10$.

65.    M Truk  is provided by amazon and you can easily make money by doing simple crowd sourcing jobs.

66.    Clixsense.com
is a gpt site in which you can get money for viewing ads, offers and completing tasks. free to join and minimum payout is 8$

Domain or website Flipping:

Website flipping or domain auctions are the great opportunities make money fast. But you have to invest little money and time to find trending domains and niches which are most valuable. learn more about domain and website auctions and below three popular platforms to website flipping.
67.    Flippa a market place to buy and selling websites. Flippa is a auction site based on a bidding system.

68.    Sedo is a domain name and website marketplace and domain parking

69.    Website broker.com Your listing on WebsiteBroker will reach tens of thousands of qualified buyers.

Content revenue sharing:

Make money online through share your opinions, information and videos etc. Here in the below a list of best revenue sharing sites: 

70.    Squidoo
71.    Youtube
72.    Best reviewer
73.    Hubpages
74.    Blogger
75.    Info barrel
76.    Yahoo contributor network

Answering questions:

Get paid to answering questions and sharing your opinions. Your answers and advices make money for you. Below sites are the great examples of answering sites which pays.
77.    BitWine
78.    Small Biz Advice
79.    Weegy
80.    JustAnswer
81.    Web Answer
82.    Student of Fortune

Selling photos:

Are you a photographer or creative iconographic maker then your creations are ready to make money for you. Below sites are able to sell your photos for good money
83.    ShutterPoint
84.    BigStockPhoto
85.    IStockPhoto
86.    Futolia
87.    ShutterStock
88.    StockExpert:

Get paid to surveys:

Online is main place sharing information, opinions and polls. Many companies are needed your opinions and ideas for their products. You can get paid for your opinions. The survey site which allow you to make money online are listed below.
89.    Dollar Survey Multiple surveys, paid opinions and make money for every survey offer you take and payouts are made by the paypal.
90.    Myview
91.    Cash crate One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make money online with CashCrate is to complete the free offers found in the Members Area.
92.    I-say
93.    Clear Voice Surveys
94.    Ipoll

Finally above are the best and real ways to make money online, the success of earning is depends upon selecting suitable and relevant ways.
If you find this post is helpful please feel free to share and comment.

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November 17, 2013

3 best SEO techniques to get more visitors


The effective search engine optimization helps to promote you website in search results. Getting top rank in search results mean there is more visitors to your site. However Getting higher search engine ranking needs some efforts. In this post we discuss about 3  best SEO techniques which helps to get your site in search results.
Seo techniques and tips

1. On-page content: 

Every year search engines changes their algorithms to filter and provide quality information on search results. And also punish the low quality web content and duplicates with banning or low rankings.
So content is the main SEO thing for search engines to rank your site.

Main points to consider before creating your content :
  • Your content should be informative and reader friendly.
  • Do keyword research on your sites niche.
  • Consistently update your website content.
  • Consider the using of images, videos and info-graphics. Those are easily communicate your readers and gives additional visits from image search engines and YouTube. 
  • You should avoid duplicate and copyrighted content, these are surely damage your site's SEO.

2. Inbound link building:

Inbound links are very important things to analyze the popularity of a website. These are helps search engine robots to rank a website in search results. Getting relevant Inbound links is very important to get higher SEO rankings.

SEO Link building is possible by few activities mentioned in below
  • Guest posting: Posting relevant articles in other blogs.
  • Sharing your posts with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.
  • Submit your website to website directories. 
  • Create high quality content which push others to link your site.
  • Creating high quality info-graphics and share it with your links.
  • Commenting at other blogs on sensible and relevant topics. 

3. Analyzing and modifying:

After the above two techniques another important thing is analyzing your site's performance regularly and modify SEO according to results.
Some errors like broken links, duplicate tags and unwanted content in your website cause damage to whole SEO. So you have to find these errors and solve them. 
  • Use resources like Google webmaster tools, Google analytics to analyze your websites performance and errors.


Parallel to above three techniques below are the some important tips you should consider in Optimizing your content.
  • Upload Google xml sitemap to your website. And update submit it in Google webmaster tools.
  • Tag and optimize your images with relevant titles, alt txts.
  • Use Accurate meta tags and descriptions relevant to your website niche. 

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November 16, 2013

10 Best blogging tools for free


Free blogging tools
Blogging is a consistent and curious game to play. There are lot of things are needed to add in blogging to create more fun and income. The leading roles in the successful blogging are community, some blogging tools to make awesome posts.  This post is mainly focus about essential blogging tools for all bloggers and explained how to use for your blog.

Why a set of blogging tools needed for a blogger?

  •     To create web content faster and easier.
  •     To make your blog more creative, connective and communicative.
  •     To make great content with less skills.
  •     And The more blogging tools you use means! There is more types of content like videos, images and articles in less time.

Here in below i explain about 10 blogging tools which are the best. These tools easier your blogging and time saving to create quality content. And helpful to create pictures, videos and Seo content fast and easier.

Image making tools:

Images are very important content to amaze your audience. one image can tell thousand words.
But making unique and own images is challenging task. Below great tools help in your image making.  

1. Lightshot:

Lightshot is a very simple screenshot tool in which you can edit and modify your screenshots easily. This software is placed in task-bar at the bottom of the desktop and ready to capture when you want. Below video show how to take screen shot with the lightshot.

2. Pixlr grabber:

Pixlr grabber is plugin which works more than what it called. With pixlr grabber you can create amazing images in no time. This tool is used as multiple purposes like you can take screen shot, edit other images and also able to create new images without any skills. Having this plugin in your browser make easier to create images and rises your creativity for sure.
pixlr grabber Screenshot software as a second blogging tool

3. Logomaker:

logo making and image editing is the frequent work for every blogger. Creating every image in photoshop is difficult, time consuming and Photoshop skills are needed. UK logomaker is a good and simple alternative to create any type of images without any technical skills.
Logomaker image making tool as a third blogging tools

Video makers and screen recorders:

Videos are not only decorate your blog and also promote your blog in video search engines like youtube. Below free software are great video and screen recorders with simple features.

4. BB FlashBack Express Recorder:

BB flashback is an open source screen recorder for free. With this you can easily create tutorial videos and you can publish video in YouTube instantly.
BB FlashBack Express Recorder a screen recorder as a 4 th blogging tool

5. Camstudio:

Camstudio is a basic and light screen recorder. Much useful to create software tutorials and more.
Camstudio is screen recording software as 5th blogging tool

Seo Tools:

Whatever your creation is! Promotion is necessary to make it useful to you. Below tools are the leading seo tools to develop your blog.

6. Google keyword planner:

Google keyword planner is a keyword suggestion tool helps to create keyword rich articles. keyword planner is necessary for every blogger which is primary SEO tool which analyses keyword popularity and ppc rates.
Google keyword planner is a SEO keyword suggestion tool as 6 th blogging tool

7. Google webmaster tools:

Google webmaster tools is Seo tool as presented by 7th blogging tool


A complete control over Google search results is possible by the only tool called Google webmaster tools. A complete set of tools are situated on webmaster tools which are give suggestions, analysis, reports your blogs performance. 

8. Woorank analysis

Woorank Seo and website review tool completely analysis your blog and give complete set of suggestions to correct your errors. Learn more about woorank review
Woorank analysis is a SEO reporting tool

Alerts and updated news:

Below tools are take care of your blog by providing updates in your niche and freshen.

9. Feedreader:

Feedreader is Free blogging tool which delivers updated news from your selected blogs list directly to the tool inbox. No need to visit that particular website. 
 Feedreader is free reading notiffication service

10. Google news alerts:

Google news alerts are free notification service which deliver fresh news on your selected niche directly to your email inbox.
Google news alerts is free email delevering services provided by google


Blogging tools are accelerators of your blogging and necessary to bloggers to become professionals . Above tools greatly helps in your blogging and fastens your work for sure.
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    November 5, 2013

    Best online part time jobs and work at home opportunities

    Are you looking for part time job and want to earn money online? Then this post is helpful to you and teaches about online part times. And also you can learn how to make money online.
    In the internet! Part time jobs are three types they are

    1. Short term or quick online money making works.

    I mean in these ways you can earn money and get paid quickly, simple works and no technical skills needed.  Don’t expect huge but simply good and considerable works to make money online. There are many micro tasks and crowd sourcing websites offered these types part time jobs. Some good part time job opportunities in this category are stated below.

    Micro workers:

    Part time jobs at Micro workers
    Screenshots shows available part time jobs at micro workers

    This is a simple and straight website to earn money. This is a membership website in which employees (who gives works to do) and workers (who make money by completing works offered by employees).
    This website paid to workers ranges from 0.08$ - 5$ per work. The minimum time for a work ranges from 5 to 50 minutes.

    • Make money by doing simple tasks like sign ups, data entry on forums, Facebook and twitter shares etc.
    • Minimum payout 10 dollars. Payouts made every week using your PayPal account.
    • Work at home in your spare time.
    • No MLM and referral system in this website.
    • No investment needed.  


    Making money at clixsense
    A screenshot a Earning details of a Member


    A trusted GPT (get paid to) website since 2007. It offers multiple ways to make money online such as tasks, paid survey, viewing ads and offers. This is a free to join website and have lot of opportunities to get paid. And mainly clixsense have a strong affiliate program that pays good commissions on every referral on your down line.


    • Browser Toolbar With Instant Notification of New Ads Available
    • Earn Up To $0.02 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.008 Per Referral Click
    • Earn Even More With Our Affiliate Program
    • Payments Via Check, Payza and PayPal
    • Win ClixGrid Daily Prizes and Participation in Weekly Contests
    • Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily    

    2. Long term money making ways.

     These type part time jobs are not provided by anyone!  I mean these ways are create by yourself on your way. But these are streams of passive income grow on the time progress.

    The part times like blogging and affiliate marketing are making huge money online. But these are long term not possible in overnight, means it depends upon how consistently your work is.

    Learn more blogging and other long term money making ways by below links:

    3. Freelancing jobs (make money with your skills):

    Another famous part time in the internet is freelancing you skills.   Freelancing is great way to make money online with your skills and services. There are many services like content writing; programming and web design etc are wanted in internet.
     There are many freelance website like Elance, Odesk etc are great sources to employ freelancers.
    And more possibly you can sell your services from your own blog also.
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    October 23, 2013

    Why Search Engines Likes Structured Data To Optimize Your Website?

    Today I read an article on structured data and how does it works in search engine optimization. And that article was take my attention to read completely. So i want to share that knowledge in my own words simply.

    structured data for search engine optimization

    What is Structured data?

    Structure data is a HTML markup code helps search engines and tells what kind of data a website has. Actually some kinds content do not understand by the search engines. So it causes miss judgments on your content in SERP (search engine results page). When you use structure data or HTML markups in your content helps search engines to index your website in right place.

    Structured data create rich snippets on search results for your website on particular topic. For example if you write a product reviews on your website it helps search engines to post in results page

    Screenshot shows ratings rich snippet of a software website
    Screenshot shows ratings rich snippet of a software website

    recipe Structured data rich snipets in pizza recipe website
    Screenshot shows Rich snippet recipe website

    Benefits of using structured data in your website:

    • Fast indexing and better rank in search results.
    • Attractable data appeared in search results for your website which get more traffic.
    • Structured data increase trust and reputation of your website.
    • Visitors easily understand your content in search results.

    Can i add Structured data to website my own?

    Surely! There are many tools on the internet helps you to add structured data for your website. Below are the great resources to learn more about structured data

    Read more about structure data for business website in detail case study at Business2cummunity.com where i read this information  What is Structured Data and Why Does it Matter for SEO?
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    October 22, 2013

    Top 10 website ideas to make money online


    Website is a great idea in the internet for all professions and businesses with less effort. However! A website itself also can make money and build a small business with low investment. And get their business to good status.
    After a long term research on websites and it’s making money ways. In this post I am going to discuss about top website ideas and how they are make money for you.

    Here in below there are top 10 website ideas to make money online. The few things common for every website are Domain (web address), web hosting and software or scripts which are cost you a little investment.

    1. Niche website or blog: 

     In this world the major source of information is the internet, lot of people hunting in internet every second for it. That information is published by Niche websites or blogs in the form of articles, images and videos.
    This way is also termed as niche blogging Which is leading passive income stream in online.
    If you want to get success on niche websites you have to update your website or blog frequently with fresh and quality content. Top 25 Niche Ideas To Start A New Blog

    How to make money from niche website: 
    • Make money through pay per click advertising and Google adsense Learn more how to make money with Google adsense.
    • Selling advertisement spaces on your website.
    • Promoting affiliate products on your website.
    • Get paid to review products and business reviews

    2. Business directory: 

    Business directories are the websites in which business owners can submit their contact and business information to grow their business. 

    Each business listing submitted on your website can get monthly commissions for you. And you can also make money through business reviews and direct advertising on your site. 

    Examples: yelp.com, justdail.com

    3. Your own web store:

    Are you skilled in product creation like arts, crafts and e-books? Web store is a best idea to sell your products make money online. And you can also get commissions for selling other peoples products. 
    Click here to view example web stores

    4. Classifieds website:

    Classified websites are allowed users to post free ads. These ad listings are divided into free, premium and featured listings. Website owners are get paid particular ad listing submitted on the website.
    There are multiple streams of income generated with classified websites by ad listings, direct advertisements and affiliate marketing etc.
    Examples: quikr, olx are great examples of classified websites

    5. Affiliate Store: 

    Affiliate store is great way to make money through affiliate marketing. In this website affiliate products are automatically displayed. And when any person buy a product on the store you can get commissions that sale by affiliate networks.
    Amazon, eBay affiliate networks provides stores for their products learn more how to Open an Amazon Affiliate Store

    6. Services and consultancy website:

    Are you having any skill or knowledge on particular work? You can provide services and freelance your skills in your own services website for some money. seo consult, web design services are good examples of services websites.
    Here the 16 Examples of Beautiful Services and Apps Websites

    7. Question and Answers (Q&A) website: 

    People are searching internet every time when they have any questions and doubts on any thing. Lot of website are created only answer these questions. 
    Q&A websites are great membership site which generate information automatically by members and good traffic through search engines also.
    These websites are generating much money through pay per click advertising and direct selling advertisement spaces.
    Best Question and answer websites

    8. Forums website:

     Forums are great community websites in which people discuss and help each other. And forum owner are make money through member subscriptions, ppc advertising and selling ad spaces etc..
    Top forums in the internet

    9. Stock photography website:

    Are you have creative skills like digital photography and graphic designs? then Stock photography website is great option to sell your photos. You can also get commissions by selling others photos in your website.  
    FreeDigitalPhotos.net is a example of stock photography website

    10. Tutorials website:

    If you are a professional in any subject or work then make a website targeted to tutorials on your subject. And make money through multiple streams like pay per click advertising, direct advertisements and also through affiliate marketing.
    15 Awesome Tutorial Websites You Probably Don't Know About 

    Finally! Are you wanted to make money with a website? You need to do some research on your particular topic of website.
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    October 19, 2013

    5 most popular blogs about blogging

    Growth of a blogger depends on what he learns from other successful blogs. Both Reading and writing are important factors to become a quality blogger. As much you read from the other blogs is helps to write more content for your blog. So you need to follow some successful blogs and learn from them.

    Here i post 5 most inspirational and popular blogs helps to become a successful blogger.


    1. ProBlogger: by Darren rowse

    Problogger is started in 2004 by Darren rowse. This blog is mainly about money blogging, tutorials and promotional strategies. There are many other popular bloggers also contribute this blog to inspire new bloggers in the internet and help them to get income from their blogs.

    Most Popular blog posts from ProBlogger: 
    How to Make Money Blogging
    29 Tips and Tutorials on Starting Your First Blog
    7 Strategies for Growing Community on Your Blog

    2. Daily Blog Tips: by Daniel Scocco

    Daily blogs tips is a blog about designing and promotion of blog. A great blog for beginner who want to start blogging. This blog mainly focused on promotional and money blogging tips.

    Most Popular blog posts from Daily Blog Tips:
    10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever
    28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website
    4 Steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic

    3. CopyBlogger: by Brian Clark

    A great blog about blogging and content creation. Copyblogger has a community of author teaches others how to create great blog with rich content and show them how to get traffic.

    Most Popular blog posts from CopyBlogger:
    How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic
    The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts
    10 Ways to Write Damn Good Copy

    4. IncomeDiary: by Michael Dunlop

    Dailyblogtips.com is a blog about designing and promotion of blogs. This is a guide for beginners who want to start blogging. This blog mainly focused on promotional and money blogging tips.

    Most Popular blog posts from Incomedairy:
    24 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Websites
    33 Common Online Struggles from Last Week’s Experiment
    10 Things to Do on Day One of Your Blog

    5. Online Income Teacher: by Matt Smith

    Online income teacher is awesome blog by Matt smith and associate authors which inspires other bloggers and teach new online money seekers. This blog is about blogging tutorials, writing tips and inspirational posts.

    Most Popular blog posts from Online Income Teacher:
    30 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging!
    8 Great On-Page SEO Techniques
    Top 50 Earning Blogs!!!

    And many other sites are there for blogging and greatly served. But above blogs are personally followed and learn so much from them.
    Please share if you find this post is helpful.
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